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CCTV Systems

As ED System, we know the importance of CCTV systems for the safety and security of businesses. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are critical tools for monitoring activities in and around a facility, detecting suspicious circumstances, and providing evidence of incidents. By installing a CCTV system, you can deter potential threats and increase the security of your facility.

There are various CCTV systems for different needs. In addition to cameras designed for indoor use, there are also outdoor cameras that are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. There are also more affordable options available as well as high-resolution cameras. To choose the right CCTV system, it is important to consider your specific security needs and budget.

As ED System, we offer our customers a variety of CCTV systems to suit their specific security needs. We would be happy to help you find the most suitable solutions to increase your security and ensure the protection of your business.


As ED System, we offer a wide range of CCTV systems for indoor and outdoor use. We have various types of cameras such as IP cameras, PTZ cameras and dome cameras. These cameras are designed to provide clear, high-quality images in a variety of lighting conditions. We also offer video management software with which you can monitor your cameras in real time, view recorded footage, and manage your system remotely.

We meet the specific needs of our customers by offering customizable CCTV systems. Besides different camera types such as dome cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras, we also offer a variety of recording devices such as NVRs and DVRs. In this way, we can offer flexible solutions that suit the security needs of businesses.

As a result, by choosing a high-quality CCTV system, you can increase the safety of your premises, deter potential threats and provide valuable evidence in incident situations. As ED System, we aim to provide the best service to our customers by offering customizable CCTV solutions that suit the security needs of businesses.

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