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 Fire Detection and Alarm System

Fire detection and alarm systems are an essential safety measure for any structure or facility. A reliable fire detection and notification system is vital, especially in regions with risk factors such as high temperature and dry climate.

It is critical for companies and institutions to have these systems that work effectively to minimize fire risk and manage possible emergencies.

We, ED System, meet this need by offering our customers the latest technology and most reliable fire detection and notification systems.

By collaborating with leading manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a wide range of products to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


An advanced fire detection and notification system, such as FireClass FC501, offers remote monitoring and control with smoke and heat detection features. This system helps minimize possible damage by detecting fires quickly and accurately.

Fike Twinflex Pro is a flexible and easy-to-install modular fire detection and alarm system. It is designed to suit the specific needs of all types of buildings and is an ideal solution for large and complex structures with its expandable structure.

We also offer more traditional and cost-effective solutions. These solutions, like conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, are ideal for small businesses or organizations with limited budgets.

As ED System, we strive for the safety and protection of our customers. By offering solutions tailored to specific requirements, we provide fire detection and alarm systems suitable for any type of structure or facility. The safety of our customers is our priority and we will continue to maintain this priority by providing the latest technology and reliable products.

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