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Data Center

In today's rapidly digitalizing world, telecommunication has become central to our lives. Telecommunication systems, which form the basis of all our communication and data flow, are provided through data centers.

Data centers play a critical role in storing, processing and distributing data. Therefore, providing a reliable data center infrastructure is vital for uninterrupted communication and service delivery.

As ED System, we offer reliable data center solutions to ensure uninterrupted communication. These infrastructures, called the heart of data centers, include a number of critical equipment such as cooling systems, power supplies, cabling systems and security systems. We offer solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers, each with unique requirements.


The data center solutions we offer as ED System include:

Data Center Infrastructure Design: Our expert team offers customized designs by analyzing our customers' needs and evaluating the existing infrastructure. We provide customized solutions using the latest technologies to ensure efficiency, scalability and reliability.

Cooling Systems:We offer cooling systems that are important for the efficient operation of data centers. We ensure that the equipment operates at optimum temperature with various solutions such as precision air conditioning, chillers and water cooling systems.

Power Sources: We focus on reliable power supplies to ensure uninterrupted service. We provide the infrastructure needed to continue operating even during power outages with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, backup generators and other power solutions.

Cabling Systems: We offer structured cabling systems to ensure fast and reliable transmission of data. We offer a variety of cabling solutions including copper and fiber optic cables.

Security systems: We provide installation of security systems such as access control, surveillance cameras and fire detection systems to ensure the security of the equipment.

As ED System, we offer comprehensive data center solutions designed to provide our customers with the highest level of reliability, efficiency and scalability. Feel free to contact us to help you create a data center infrastructure that meets your unique needs.

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